Cultivating a strong leadership team is a constant battle that does not end with the recruitment effort.  There are myriad reasons that a top performer can stumble both at the onset of an assignment or even years into a position.  Some contributing factors may be specific to the individual while others may be the result of organizational or environmental change.  Hayes Brunswick's leadership advisory consultants help companies to identify potential leadership performance challenges, effectively navigate through these issues, and mitigate the risks inherent in having a leadership team that is out of step with strategy -- or each other.  In this way, leadership performance is enhanced and business success increased.

Our services:

Boardroom Support:  CEO Succession and Transition Planning

The abrupt departure of a CEO can be detrimental to any business, especially when a succession plan has not been specified in advance.  Competitive advantage, productivity, and shareholder value can all erode quickly in the event of a perceived leadership vacuum at the top level. That said, an effective succession plan does more than simply name the next heir to the corner office.  In addition to outlining a new organizational chart following succession and the transition plan to execute it; the properly focused succession plan looks further down the line to articulate and integrate a leadership development strategy that is clearly aligned with the organization’s overall business strategy. This integrated approach set the blueprint for the creation of future leaders

Hayes, Brunswick works with Boards, executive teams, and HR functional leaders to ensure companies have the processes and systems in place to identify talent among up-and-comers, cultivate them, and essentially create the next generation of leaders from the company's own middle ranks.  Such an integrated leadership development strategy to support a talent pipeline is imperative to creating shareholder value and maintaining business continuity.

We also work with Boards of companies who lack an executable succession plan to adeptly respond to the sudden and unexpected departure of a CEO or other critical member of the leadership team. Utilizing our professional network  which includes top search firms from around the world, we help to identify the critical professional and leadership qualities the next CEO must have to succeed.

CEO and C Suite Officer On-Boarding

Companies spend considerable time and resources to attract and recruit top executives to fill their most senior leadership roles.  Without effective on-boarding, however, even the best and brightest can struggle to acclimatize to their new environment and replicate -- much less build upon -- previous career achievements.  Onboarding is not orientation.  It is an extended process by which incoming executives delve into an organization's culture, learn its nuances, and come to appreciate its values, vision, history and leadership practices.  They must also develop trust, credibility and partnerships with key internal influencers, all of which grant much-needed perspective and context for insightful decision-making.  Executives that take on new roles within an organization also need to acclimate to their new position, teams, and challenges, despite broader familiarity with the company and culture itself.

Hayes, Brunswick works with newly hired and newly promoted leaders to help them better assimilate into their roles, as well as with the Board and CEO to ensure that they have clearly articulated growth and performance expectations and have created a supportive platform for achieving them.

Post-Merger Integration

While there may be tremendous synergies, marketplace advantages, and strategic value to be gained by blending two companies, the actual execution of the transaction -- the post-merger integration process -- is fraught with potential pitfalls and perils.  In addition to logistical and operational challenges, corporate marriages are emotionally charged events requiring a skillful blending of personalities, management styles, and corporate cultures.  Managed incorrectly, a talent exodus could follow, as are debilitating declines in organizational performance, employee morale, customer goodwill, and shareholder value.

Hayes, Brunswick understands the human dynamics that can make or break a successful merger.  We partner closely with integration teams and executive leadership throughout the lifecycle of the acquisition (or partnering of equals) to identify, address and bridge the interpersonal issues that can hamper team performance and the long-term success of the new entity.  Working one-on-one with team members is a critical part of this process.

Change Management

    • Conflict Resolution
    • Strategic and Organizational Realignment
    • Team Facilitation and Strategic Alignment

Conflict Resolution

Orchestrating meaningful organizational change initiatives requires more than a vision and a roadmap for improving processes, systems, and businesses.  It necessitates an understanding of how people across the entity will be impacted by the transformation and a clear strategy for addressing their concerns and encouraging their engagement.  While organizational change is difficult under the best of circumstances, "big picture" change management initiatives that endure for several months are much more prone to significant tension and conflicts. In fact, if left unaddressed and unresolved, they can fester and ultimately derail the project. 

Hayes, Brunswick has helped companies in all sectors and of multiple sizes find meaningful ways to intervene before internal leadership conflicts escalate, thereby keeping their change initiatives on track.

Strategic and Organizational Realignment

Having a compelling vision and sound strategy for future growth is half the competitive battle when it comes to the effective and efficient leverage of employees.  The other half involves the close alignment of critical internal systems, particularly those that fall under the HR function, to help drive individual performance and recognize/reward valued behaviors that contribute to the organization's success.  All too often, there is a disconnect between what a Company says it desires and the systems and processes through which employees and leadership must work toward those expectations. 

The Hayes Brunswick team has the expertise and experience to identify and resolve these internal misalignments and help executive leadership create a more effective, better functioning internal infrastructure that is positioned to support and deliver strategic goals.

Team Facilitation and Strategic Alignment

The vitality of any organization requires more than just an exceptional product, service, or idea.  It requires collaboration and partnership across a diverse group of individuals who, despite their individual differences, can pull together to achieve shared goals, build momentum and foster growth.

Hayes Brunswick’s disciplined, comprehensive approach to improving team dynamics identifies the inefficiencies that arise from misaligned management styles, cultural differences, and changes in the workplace.  By working in groups and with individual team members to gain insights and understandings around issues that stymy team performance, we help organizations forge stronger teams and more effective organizations.


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                   
Executive Assessment

From hiring to promotions and succession planning and transitions, executive assessments are a critical pathway to ensuring an organization continually has the right people with the right skills and right strategic vision working toward the right goals across all levels of the org chart.

The Hayes, Brunswick team helps companies add clarity and focus to the executive assessment process, ensuring these performance evaluations are fairly and properly administered and, equally important, insightfully interpreted and communicated to facilitate desired performance.  Whether self-assessments, 360-degree surveys, or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) measures, we help companies leverage the assessment process as an effective tool for further leadership and professional development.

These assessments can be used to build on the results of current performance reviews to not only improve on the job competence but also to enhance potential and facilitate future development.

Executive Coaching

There is no such thing as a natural-born leader.  To be truly effective and inspirational, one must learn the art of communication, including: negotiation, flexibility, and collaboration, among other people-management skills in addition to the technical, financial, operational, and/or risk management competencies inherent to senior roles. As an executive rises up the corporate ranks, it is not uncommon for management styles, personality traits, and behavior patterns that proved highly successful at one level to become counterproductive at the next. 

Executive coaching is one of Hayes, Brunswick's greatest strengths.  Our team works with senior executives and functional leaders at many of the world's leading companies.  Our approach helps them reach their full potential by finding more creative and productive ways to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills and to make more deliberate decisions.

Developing High Performance Teams
Rare indeed is the senior employee who can operate as a pure silo within a corporate setting.  From the overarching strategic vision to the most fundamental of functional tasks, the attainment of most business goals relies on a collaborative effort involving numerous people partnered on a team.  Mutual accountability, trust, a shared sense of purpose, creative problem-solving, respectful approaches to conflict resolution, and a shared and equal work ethic are all hallmarks of high-performing teams. 

Hayes, Brunswick understands the psychology of teams and the emotions and motivations that impact individual member performance.  We have helped corporate teams of myriad sizes, functions and levels of seniority to identify, address and ultimately remediate the external factors and internal issues that thwart their peak performance.

Expatriate Relocation Counseling

As more and more companies expand their global reach, many senior managers are being afforded opportunities to relocate to overseas posts as part of the international management team.   Few executives, however, are prepared personally or professionally for the realities of living in a new culture, much less for thriving in a foreign business environment.

Our consultants specialize in supporting executives and their families as they prepare for the unique stresses and potential for professional and personal growth associated with international assignments.  We work with senior management and human resources departments to develop and implement international personnel strategies, and then help impacted executives with their transition process.  Through pre-location and post-relocation counseling programs, we ease the transition to and from foreign cultures, helping expatriates overcome cultural and personal barriers so that they may more effectively contribute to their employer's global growth.

We also work with the executives and their relevant HR resources to shape a career development action plan to help them extract the maximum amount of personal learning and professional growth from their unique overseas experience.

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